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The Importance of Being Violent

Hey everybody,

I’ve been thinking about violence lately.

As I’m writing a novel about demons (sort of), magic (kind of), and death (maybe) and am stage managing a production of Titus Andronicus, I’ve been recently confronted with some dark themes and ill feelings I’d like to expound upon a bit.

As far as my new project is concerned, I’m still playing it close to the vest. However, the above themes are mostly there and in doing research to set it in our contemporary world, I’ve had to dwell on evil and demonic things. I’m extremely excited about the project, but every so often a chill runs down my spine.

Not that I’m afraid mind you.

There’s just something disconcerting about engaging with the, shall we say, unnatural.

Similarly, while being  a part of this excellent production of Titus Andronicus with Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company, I’ve had the opportunity to witness and in some instances help stage moments of murder, rape, and cannibalism.

For those of you who know me, violence isn’t a huge issue in my real life.

I’m a nice enough guy who isn’t prone to violence.

As a theatre artist, however, stage combat is one of my things.

See below a 10 beat fight of me getting beaten up.

Of course, it isn’t real.

It’s fun.

But when you’re watching it transpire, (evil, I mean. Something that goes against what you believe to be the way things are supposed to work) there’s a sort of jarring that happens.

Last night, while on book for the actresses playing Demetrius and Chiron, a feeling of dread came over me, and I had to know my wife and sons were okay. So…clumsily, while staying on book, I sent a text message along the lines of

“How’s your night?”

The response was everything I needed.

The boys were asleep finally. She was reading. Asked the same of me.

That’s all. I just needed to know my family was safe.

This is an extremely small (and not quite perfect) example of why I think it’s important to sometimes put yourself out of your comfort zone.

To watch, read, or listen to a book, movie, or album that puts your back up.

Makes your hair stand on end.

It FORCES you to do something.

You can’t just sit there. You can’t just read the words on the page or watch the actors perform. You need to reach out to someone you love and know that there is justice in the world. There is order in the world.

There is good in the world.

Now, I know there are people who have done heinous things inspired by simulated violence.

But I don’t believe they’re the norm.

Nor do I advocate for people immersing themselves in this kind of evil.

I know a Fight Choreographer who talked about building a dummy for a theatrical production that had to be capable of basically being disemboweled and spurting blood everywhere. He would work on it and experiment with it in his basement (as it was his job) and then just above his head, his kids would be playing. He would go from torturing this dummy to playing with his 3 and 5 year old kids. He said it was a, “challenge.”

He needed that good to outweigh the bad.

Because the bad was exhausting.

I think if you indulge those jarring senses to the point where you no longer cringe at it. When you’re so desensitized you can think about rape or murder without it seeming unnatural, you’ve let yourself go too far in, and you need some good in your life.

For me, it was knowing my family was safe.


As you write, as you act, as you watch or participate,  keep in mind those things that are right, just, and natural about the life.

Let evil jar you. Let it bother you. Let it get under your skin.

And then do something.

-scritch out

State of the Blog(ger) 2016: A Year in Review

Hey everyone,

What a year it has been!

For the most part, 2016 seems to have sucked for a LOT of people.

Even had Trump lost the presidency, I think you’d still have the type of unrest we’re seeing now. It would have been a lot less smug and more angry, but I still think people would be bemoaning how lousy this year has been.

Which is why I’d like to tell you about all the grand things that happened for me this year.

For my family and me, 2016 has been a huge year of change and progress.

Here are the highlights!


From September 2015 – June 2016, I got to live a childhood dream of being a carpenter.

Brandy landed a job at her dream company – Baker Publishing.

We moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan.

We had another kid!

Kaeden Lewis – 4 Months

I played Petruchio and met a whole bunch of really cool people.



The Bears are garbage…



And for my birthday, Brandy took me to Soldier field!


Sure,  they got killed…But it was a lot of fun.


I finally started putting my writing out into the world, it was featured on a website, and has received some great feedback.

I’ve also started a new project to be announced sometime in the near future.

Read it free here: Shadow of Fate

The next one won’t be free.


Interned at the Beach Bash, met some awesome people, choreographed for a school, fight captained/choreographed another show, and am the fight captain in another show in 2017.

Made some neat things in my spare time:

Heater cover



I got to be a Dad…



…To these two amazing boys.


A husband…


Even if we haven’t had a proper date since September.

To this amazing woman…

And that’s all that matters to me.

So sure…2016 was a rough year. Everyone wants you to believe that everything is falling apart and maybe it really is. People suck. The economy sucks. The government sucks. A bunch of celebrities died.

But this…





THAT is what matters.

THAT is what is worth fighting for.

Not everything about 2016 has sucked.

I hope you’ve had happy holidays.

And if you haven’t, I hope 2017 brings about the change, hope, and love you’re searching for.

-scritch2016 out



Dust in the Wind

Hey everybody,

With this post, I am back into the swing o’ things.
It feels good to be blogging weekly again.
Being a stay at home dad certainly helps with that.
Despite Kaeden fussing in his bassinet while I rock him to sleep/write this.
He always starts fussing when I start writing…

It’s uncanny.

“I know canny…And this ain’t it.” – Sassy Mary

Anyway… yesterday we (Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company) closed our main run of Taming of the Shrew. In which, I’m playing Petruchio btw.


R-L: Grumio – Kimi Griggs, Petruchio – Me, Hortensio – Bruno Rodrigues

We have one show left on December 4th in Spring Lake. Be there if you can.
It’s a good time.

As I’ve been revisiting some old favorite books and while performing this show, I’ve gotten to thinking about both the fleeting nature of life and art.

I’ve had two main thoughts in respect to art (specifically writing and acting).

  1. Every performance is a distinct moment in time. Unrepeatable. Only the audience that sees it will ever experience that performance. They will forever carry the memory of that performance in their minds (for better or worse) for their entire lives. Furthermore, that specific cast is only together for that rehearsal process and consequent run.
  2. You only get one chance to experience a story for the first time. No matter how many times I read Watership Down or The Last Guardian of Everness, I will never be able to experience that feeling of complete and total awe; being unaware of what will happen next.

There’s a sort of communion that happens between performer and audience in performance art (especially in regards to theatre) that makes it unique. With theatre (as opposed to, say, dancing), the audience experiences a story. Perhaps it’s a story they’ve never heard before. Perhaps it’s a story they’re experiencing again. But for every person consciously sitting in the audience, it is a new moment. You won’t see that performance again. Even if you see the show again…

The lines dropped, the intentions behind lines delivered, things that went right, things that went wrong, etc. All of those things are unrepeatable.

Even in a perfect show, there are moments of difference adding up to an infinite number of permutations that makes a single, solitary performance its own unique entity.

It’s beautiful.

As an actor, I’m able to share that moment with that cast and that audience from, “Verona, for a while I take my leave…” to “…God give you good-night.

It’s part of why I do this.

As a reader, I realize something like this happens when you read a book for the first time.

It is certainly a less intimate experience, but there is still something magical about experiencing a story for the first time.

You’re like a sailor alone on the ocean of another person’s mind: blown by the winds of the author, swept up by the waves of their story, and sent adrift by the emotions of their characters.

And once you’ve experienced that once.

You can never have that experience again with the same story.

Even if you read the book again.

You’ll know what happens.

You’ll have a boat and a compass.

You’ll know how to navigate the waters.

You won’t be as sympathetic to the characters because you’ll know what they feel or what they’re about to feel.


That said…

Be open to those new stories.

Revel in every moment.

Because you never know when you’ll read your favorite book.

See your favorite movie.

Watch your favorite play.


  • scritch out



Ministry isn’t so easy when you don’t have a father with a church to give you.

Hey everybody,

I promised a second post and this is me delivering it.

This week while doing the dishes, I got to thinking about my youth. Specifically, what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I went through phases as kids do:
I wanted to be a carpenter (check).
I wanted to teach elementary school (didn’t last).
Then I wanted to go into vocational ministry.

I shared this, “calling” with a mentor I respected who had been in ministry for some time. He looked right at me and said, “Why?”


Not a probing why…

A “Why in God’s name would you do this” Why.

He told me to have a Plan B. Not because he didn’t believe in me, he said, but because the church was a hard place to survive.

“Ministry isn’t so easy when you don’t have a father with a church to give you.”


^ Random Church ^. Talk about throwing shade though, amiright?

That’s the last thing he said to me.

He didn’t die or anything, but I don’t remember talking to him again in person.

That sentence has haunted me.

I did go to bible college and received a BA in Ministry with a drama minor, which I turned into an MFA in Acting. Clearly, ministry wasn’t where I was supposed to be. But that sentence, “Ministry isn’t so easy when you don’t have a father with a church to give you” has always bugged me.

I have friends in ministry. Some who had their fathers employment fresh out of college, most did not. I make no judgments either way.

When I got out of grad school, I had a wife and a child and nowhere to go.
My in-laws put us up, and then my parents put us up.
My father even gave me a job in construction until Brandy found this job out in GR.

“Ministry isn’t so easy when you don’t have a father with a church to give you.”

I had no where to go and my father gave me a job.

Now I wonder if it’s really so different.

Our parents want to help us any way they can, at least mine do, and they have.

All of my friends from college earned their way. They’re excellent people. Those in ministry should be, those of us not in ministry shouldn’t be.

I guess what I’m getting at is this:


You work your butt off and ask for help when you need it.

To those of you (and me) who had help from your parents. Whether they provided a place to live, a job, or financial support. You go get it. Thank them. Help your kids when they need it.

To those of you who did it on your own. You’re an all-star. You’re playing on hard mode.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not arguing for nepotism. The best qualified person should get the job. Period.

What I am saying is this… We shouldn’t begrudge someone because they’ve had help.


But that doesn’t mean you won’t make it…

You just might end up a stay at home dad/ actor by night with the best wife and two great kids.

Now don’t be a hater…

GO READ MY BOOK: The Shadow of Fate


-scritch out.


Also I joined dollar beard club. You should too.

Beard incoming.

Plan F: The Original Plan A

Hey everybody who doesn’t read anymore because I haven’t posted in forever,

It is my hope to get back to writing again.

Not just the blog but generally speaking.

Seeing as this a new post for a new time in my life, I figured I would share with you what has transpired in my life since the last time I posted, which was April…

Seems like eternity.


I bring you back to May 2015.

I had just graduated from Regent and the future looked bright.

Brandy gets a full time job that pays for all the things.
I audition and get acting work as I’m able, maybe donate plasma for a couple extra bucks.
I stay home with the kids, cook healthy, and stay in shape.

Brandy had a couple of job interviews lined up that we felt really good about.
I picked up a couple of gigs while we were in Virginia.
Staying at home with Jacob was great.
Everything seemed like it was falling into place…And then everything fell apart.

Brandy didn’t get a job.

I couldn’t find a contingency job.

And we couldn’t afford to stay in Virginia Beach in our current situation.

In early July, we (family of 3) moved in with my in-laws in their 3 bedroom house.

It was cramped.

Don’t stay more than two weeks in one place.
Travel between PA and OH to alleviate the burden on our parents.
I’ll work construction two weeks a month until we find permanent jobs.

By August, we knew it wasn’t working. Financially or emotionally.

Still couldn’t find jobs in our fields.

Nothing made sense.

It didn’t make sense to get a minimum wage job when I could work doing construction for my Dad and make a decent wage.

We moved to Pennsylvania with my parents.

We had more room.
We had two rooms to ourselves (a room for Jake and an upstairs kitchen we slept in on a futon) but you quickly realize how small a house is when you’re sharing the house with six other people. Brandy continued to work from home doing freelance for Regent and Baker Publishing, while I worked for my dad.

We very quickly realized we needed more space. With limited funds though, we knew we really couldn’t afford to rent a place while saving to move to…wherever.

It was right around this time that we got some pretty big news too…



In need of more room ASAP, we decided to renovate my parents’ attic (with financial and physical assistance from my parents)!


Not an easy task…

20160315_114232.jpg     20160210_152212.jpg


…But we did it.

We did the upstairs kitchen too.


So we moved up to the attic and had a nice little apartment.

Then Brandy got the call.

A job opened up at Baker Publishing Group. Her dream company.

They flew her out to Michigan…

Our PLAN A was in reach again!

She didn’t get it.


We (more me) were crushed. We loved our family and friends in PA, but this had been our plan since Virginia… Now foiled TWICE.

With that door pretty closed, we decided on one final plan.

Screw it. We’re here for awhile. We’re happy. We’ll keep our eyes open for a teaching position for me, but we’ve made ourselves a nice little place.


*E-mail buzzing noise*

In the depths of my sadness, Brandy got an e-mail from her now boss at Baker.

They wanted her for a different job…

After a LOT of prayer, thought, advice, alcohol (but none for her, I mean, come on).

We decided to do it.

PLAN F (A2):
It was difficult and expensive. The hardest few months of our lives. But we did it.
Brandy got a job at her dream company.
I’m playing Petruchio (a dream role) in a production of The Taming of the Shew with Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company (come see us).
We had another baby! Kaeden Lewis.
I’m a stay at home dad who cooks healthy food by day, acts by night, and donates plasma when I can for a couple extra bucks.
We’re not rich, but we’re making ends meet.
Just like we planned on back in June of 2015.
I drive home from rehearsal feeling immeasurably blessed by my life.
Married to my best friend.
Hearing her talk about a job she’s passionate about.
2 great kids.
Getting to act with some absurdly talented and wonderful human beings.
It’s a pleasure to be in the same room with these people let alone acting with them.

It was a really long road that brought us to Grand Rapids, Michigan.

From Virginia Beach, Virginia to Columbus, Ohio to Scranton, Pennsylvania, and finally to GR.

And it has been worth every minute of it.


I’m back, baby.

scritch out.


HollyWhat if?: Superman Starts

Greetings folks,

Only July 1, I brought you Hollywhat if?: Krull Wars. Hollywhat if? is where I speculate wildly about parallel universes where film history goes a little…differently. This universe exits… if only in my mind. I present you with…


All of this is predicated on one crucial decision by Bryan Singer.

In 2003, X-Men 2 was released to much success. It is still regarded by many as the best of the X-Men movies. I personally like DoFP and First Class better, but that’s just me.

In 2004, Singer was offered the opportunity to direct Superman Returns. He accepted. Because of this… we got, well, Superman Returns and X-Men 3: The Last Stand… directed by a man who has been called the “Anti-Christ of Comic Book Movies”… Brett Ratner.

In HWI? world 2004, Singer is offered the director’s chair but turns it down. Instead choosing to stay on for X-Men: The Dark Phoenix. 

dark phoenix cover

JJ Abrams talks himself out of director’s job and Superman Returns is never made. It suffers the same fate as Superman: Flyby.

Warner Brothers, sensing an opportunity, decides to go a different direction with Superman.

Fresh off of his 2002 success Memento, Christopher Nolan is approached about doing a Superman film. He considers it and turns it down, not wanting to get involved in a “superhero” movie. He reconsiders and accepts when he is given complete creative control to take a realistic approach to the superhero.

In 2005, instead of getting Batman Begins, HWI world gets Superman Origins. The film blows people’s minds with none other than [see below] wearing the S.

Bale Superman

Christian Bale beats out Henry Cavill for the role of Superman… and kills it.

It leads to a film in 2008 regarded by many as the greatest CBM of all-time..


Man of Steel kick starts a cbm revolution and inspires the DC cinematic universe.

Trying to jump on the success, Kevin Smith is asked to write and direct a Batman film.

He accepts, basing the script on The Dark Knight Returns. It is dubbed The Dark Knight.

It is released in 2011, in place of our Green Lantern.

And is starring… You might have guessed this.


Ben Afflek.
He does all right.

In 2012, The Man of Steel Rises is released and is based on the Death of Superman.

This alludes to the formation of the Justice League…

In 2013, Green Lantern is released starring…


Sam Worthington as Hal Jordan.

As well as The Flash... starring…


Ryan Gosling as Barry Allen. (Although in this universe his name is Bryan).

Christopher Nolan orchestrates The World’s Finest and Justice League of America in 2014.

Additionally instead of X-Men: First Class in 2011, they got Days of Future Past and in 2014 instead of DoFP, they got Apocalypse.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed my wild speculation…

-scritch out

HOLLYWhat if?: Krull Wars

Greetings folks,

I’d like to bring you a new segment called…Hollywhat if? This is where I speculate wildly about parallel universes where film history goes a little…differently. This universe exits… if only in my mind. I present you with…

Hollywhat if? #1 – Krull Wars


So Krull (1983) is a pretty bad movie. So bad, its good. In our universe, there was a novelization and maybe a written sequel. I don’t think it’s really a “cult classic” but it’s one of those movies you watch in grim nostalgia for the simpler times of the 80’s. I’d love to say I thought it was decent, but I think Okay is more accurate. Had me right up until the convenient fire horses of convenient fire. It was also largely overshadowed by the much better movies of the day… like 1983’s Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi.

In the Hollywhat if? Universe, however, Star Wars IV: A New Hope never took off… It was a box-office flop…

And Krull in 1983 was a massive, MASSIVE, success spawning several sequels, video games, card games, and a tv series.

Krull 2: Krull Strikes Back is released in 1986 and is widely regarded as one of the greatest sequels of all time.

Krull 3: Return of the Kruli is released in 1989 and introduces to the world the Kruli. A race of super powerful alien race called the Kruli… A race of Krull’s.

10 years later in 1999, the first of a prequel trilogy is released chronicling the rise of the Kruli race.

The Phantom Menace is released in 99 and is critically panned.

The Krull Wars follows three years later.

Krull 6: Revenge of Krull is released 7 years later and is largely loved by children but hated by fans of the original trilogy… and yes… They call it Krull 6 in spite of the other two being prequels…and not numbered.

Because Star Wars IV never spawned sequels (but garnered a cult following), a television series debuts in 1997.



Star Wars: The Series effectively takes the place of the expanded Stargate Universe.

The events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi are played out over several seasons, and the prequel trilogy never comes to fruition.

Han Solo is played by…you may have seen this coming…

Richard Dean Anderson

Richard Dean Anderson

AND. AND. AND. AND. Luke Sywalker is played by…

Michael Shanks

Michael Shanks

The duo from our Stargate-SG1 lives on in the form of Star Wars: The Series.

So despite the abomination that would be Krull Wars…

We get an amalgamation of my beloved Stargate and Star Wars.

Also…It should be noted that because Stargate the film is never made into a television series, it is eventually rebooted in 2015 as a trilogy, which is regarded as one of the greatest sci-fi trilogies of all-time.


BONUS: Harrison Ford makes 4 Indiana Jones films still. However, there is a third film between Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade that deals with the Shroud of Turin. The Last Crusade is his final installment.

In 2008 instead of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, they got Blade Runner 2… directed by Ridley Scott.


Hope you enjoyed.

Next time, I’ll tell you about the universe where Bryan Singer directed X-Men 3, Superman Returns never happened, and Christopher Nolan didn’t direct Batman Begins.

-scritch out.

Comic Book Movies

Happy Monday, True Believers!

Sorry about not posting last week…
I had my thesis callbacks.
For the record, I will be playing Charles Marlow in Regent University’s production of She Stoops to Conquer. NBD. Just my thesis role…
The role I wanted…


Anyhoo… Tonight I’ll be going to see The Amazing Spider-man 2, and in preparation, I watched Sam Raimi’s Spider-man. Watching all of the 2002 goodness made me think of way back when. I saw that film in theaters 6 times. To this day, I haven’t seen a movie more times during its theater run. Slowly, I began to mull over how CBM’s have affected my life. Therefore, I figured I’d share my cbm journey with you.

My first stop is Superman II.

Super-man II was a unique experience for me… As a kid, I watched and was enthralled by Christopher Reeves’ Superman. This was kind of a massive change for me, as I hated Superman in the comics. He was an over-powered prick with long prissy hair (I am a child of the 90’s) who beat the Incredible Hulk in Marvel vs. DC. A fact, I still think is nonsense. They made him fight intelligent hulk… oy vey. I digress.
The movie inspired me to done the red cape and play Superman (a character I otherwise hated) and tell people I was Christopher Reeves’ Superman. As if any other was a lesser Superman. Superman II was the definitive superhero movie in my childish mind. He smiled, flew in, saved the girl, saved the world, and it was awesome.

Thanks, but no thanks...

Thanks, but no thanks…

The next superhero film shouldn’t be much of a surprise…

Tim Burton’s Batman.


What are you?

Batman was dark. Really dark for the time. Like… He killed people dark. Only recently did it really strike me that Batman doesn’t kill… But for some reason… It’s okay in 1989’s Batman. A Batman, which I think only comes in second to Kevin Conroy’s Batman from TAS. This broke the mold for me. Heroes didn’t just have to in the light. They could be vigilantes. They could be everything the law couldn’t be. A man could look into the darkness and not be afraid. Batman represented everything a fearless person could be. He was awesome. My child brain was pumped full of awesome juice.

Sam Raimi’s Spider-man.

Who am I? I'm existential crisis-man.

Who am I? I’m existential crisis-man.

Spider-man really broke the mold for everyone, effectively becoming the forefather of the modern comic book movie. Spider-man, with its practical effects, use of cutting edge cgi, and bright colors, showed the world a treasure trove of untapped comic book film potential. As a tween/teenager and huge Spider-man fan, this movie really set itself apart and defined the way I viewed all cbm’s that preceded it.

Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.

Whr r rawr urthr drgs grawring?

Whr r rawr urthr drgs grawring?

Everyone who has ever talked about TDK trilogy with me knows I personally like Batman Begins the best. However, TDK changed what it meant to be a cbm. I was massively disappointed by this movie when it came out. It wasn’t a comic book movie. It was a crime thriller that just so happened to have Batman in it. A Batman who wasn’t a genius detective. A Batman who’s basically a rich ninja. It changed the way the world viewed cbms again thought, in a way Spider-man did back in 2002. All of a sudden, a cbm didn’t need to be a comic book on screen. It could be a great movie with superhero characters.

Which brings us to…

Marvel’s The Avengers.

I'd like to talk to you about the Avengers Initiative.

I’d like to talk to you about the Avengers Initiative.

Iron-man, Iron-man 2, Captain America: TFA, Thor, and The Incredible Hulk all led up to The Avengers. It blew me and everything else away. In Iron-man 3, Tony Stark says something along the lines that everything changed after New York. How true it is. We live in a post-Avengers world where the audience has come to expect a wider universe. Gone are the days of the stand alone superhero movie. Fox will have X-Men, X-Force, X-Calibur, etc. Sony will have Spider-man, Venom, Sinister 6, and Marvel will have everything else that’s better. Even Warner Bros. is scraping together a World’s Finest movie and a consequent Justice League film, not because they think they can do it well, but because they’re so far behind Marvel who has Avengers 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy just on the horizon.

Marvel Studios is kicking butt. Like TDK, Captain America: The Winter Soldier wasn’t a comic book movie. It was a political thriller starring superheroes. Guardians of the Galaxy will be a sci-fi movie with superheroes. Ant-man is a heist movie. I mean, Iron-man 3 was a freakin buddy cop movie… And it worked… and worked well.

And it’s only going to get better and bigger…

Rumor has it… something Strange is coming soon.

That's Doctor Strange.

That’s Doctor Strange.

So tonight I’ll see TASM 2. I think it’ll be a little more comic-booky than what the world expects right now… And I’m good with that. I could use a nice throwback to the days of old (2002)

Hopefully Godzilla and X-Men: DOFP won’t disappoint either.

-Scritch out.


Glad my son will grow up in such a world as this…

The Drowsy Chaper One (A Review)


Greetings Readers,

I know I’m just posting all over the place today.
First weekend of summer break (juries and call-backs notwithstanding).

Last night I attended opening night of Regent University’s production of the Drowsy Chaperone.
Not to be confused with the sequel, “The Drowsy Chaper Two.”

Bad joke I know, but it was funnier in person… You had to be there.

Let me start by saying I think this production was the best thing Regent has done in the three years I’ve been here.

And it’s one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

Now I have friends in this show… Several, in fact.

I want to stress that my opinion of this show isn’t altered by that fact. If anything, it might make me harder on it.

Don’t forget…I see these actors’ class work…  So… Without Further Ado – The Review:

I wouldn’t be much of an actor or acting student if I didn’t first comment on the acting. My thought going into the show was my typical thought of a musical… Happy music, quick dance moves, simple acting. I was surprised. Happily surprised.
Brad Cain’s performance as The Man in Chair is second to no performance I may have ever seen in a live theatre setting. He possess an uncanny ability to draw the audience into a warm, loving embrace before choking them out with the raw gravitas of truth. One moment, you’re laughing at, “Love is always lovely in the end.” The next moment, you’re cringing as he exposes the naivety of the piece effectively punching the air right out of the room. Brain is a good friend of mine. At the beginning, the character reflected Brad closely, but as the show went on I began to see the amount of homework and character development he’d done. His performance alone is worth the cost of admission (which to be fair was discounted because I’m a Com student, but it was worth the full price also). I may go see it again. Haven’t done that since Doubt.

I know the amount of blood, sweat, and tears that went into  this show… and I’m happy to say that none of it was in vain.

Of the remainder of the cast, all I can say is there wasn’t a weak link to be found. Every single performer in the show from Man in Chair down to the ensemble worked their butts off to produce a marvelous show.

Everyone was wonderful. However, there were a few moments where I felt something was lacking. The solos were great. Everyone could clearly sing and well. Articulation and execution were great. There was just something missing in the chorus. An extra umph. I don’t know. I only have a couple years of voice lessons to go on. I’m not really a musical theatre person so… I don’t know. Stephanie Bishop, Isaac Gay, Emily Hogenmiller, Shaunte Tabb, Austin Fitzhugh, etc. Fantastic voices. Go see the show. Hear for yourself. Write a better review of the singing than I can.

Okay. The tap dancing. Oh, the tap dancing. So much tap dancing. Rakeem Lawrence and Isaac Gay… Impressive. Their performance of, “Cold Feet” was just plain awesome-sauce. I could tell C.J. Hill had put in a considerable amount of work on the choreography. However, I wish the execution was a little better. Not a lot better. It didn’t take me out of the moment, but there were a few moments where I could tell some dancers had a better handle on their choreography than others. This isn’t a musical theatre program, however, and most of the people here who are good at dancing don’t like to dance… Hey, I don’t judge. Hash tag: I’m just sayin’. Again, the tap dancing with Rakeem and Isaac was excellent. Even more impressive was the fact that Rakeem’s show became untied half-way through the piece and didn’t trip him up. I was in awe.

The set was fantastic. From the beginning, I believed the NYC apartment setting. The brick walls and musical posters. The tiny kitchen complete with refrigerator. I took notice almost immediately of two sections of wall, which I assumed rotated. I was quite correct. These facilitated set changes and character entrances/exits. The microphones. however, were way too loud. This is an easy fix, which I’m certain they’ll get around to. Stage Manager, Joshua Scott, should be quite proud. He did a remarkable job calling the show. Even the tiniest record scratch sounds were perfect. I do recall one early cue, but that happens.

If I were to give this show a review based on a five star system… I would give it 4.5/5 Stars.
If I was so crazy about, “Why not 5 Stars?” Simply because it wasn’t perfect. Nor would I expect it to be.
This is, at its heart, educational theatre. I wasn’t expecting a Broadway performance…
Even thought I think it was as close as you could ask for.
I beg you. I implore you. Go see this show. My friends, these actors, the director, the designers, etc. have worked way too hard for this show to NOT be seen. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell the guy at Starbucks.


– scritch out

On a Lighter Completely Unrelated Note:

Here’s a list of scripts I’ve read this academic year.
This is in addition to the books I’ve had to read as a part of my studies.
Yay for me.

  1. Look Back in Anger – John Osbourne
  2. Henry 6 parts 1,
  3. 2,
  4. & 3 – Shakespeare
  5. MacBeth – Shakespeare
  6. Comedy of Errors – Shakespeare
  7. The Tempest – Shakespeare
  8. Two Gentlemen of Verona – Shakespeare
  9. Richard III – Shakespeare
  10. She Stoops to Conquer – Goldsmith
  11. Ah, Wilderness – Eugene O’Neill
  12. Frankenstein – Nick Dear
  13. The School for Scandal – Sheridan
  14. All My Sons – Arthur Miller
  15. The Glass Menagerie – Tennessee Williams
  16. A Streetcar Named Desire – Tennessee Williams
  17. Summer and Smoke – Tennessee Williams
  18. Suddenly, Last Summer – Tennessee Williams
  19. The Way of the World – Congreve
  20. Nebraska – Reddin
  21. Beau Jest – Sherman
  22. Shadowlands – Nicholson