Month: August 2017

August State of the Blogger

Hey everyone,

So I’ve had a busy series of months.

Quick recap.

  1. We bought a house and moved there.
  2. I auditioned for, was cast in, and then played the part of Glenn Cooper in Rumors with Shadblow Theatre in Jenison, Mi.
  3. I’ve done less reading and writing than I would like
  4. Went on a mini-vacation to Double JJ Resort

Staring back at me, it looks like a lot less than it seemed…


As I mentioned months ago, I entered my first novel, The Last Days of the Wanderer, in a small competition hosted by Mark Lawrence (whose books you should buy).

My novel (as expected) did not make it out of the first round.


It did receieve a mini-review from Jared over at Pornokitsch who read the first 50 pages or so. His review is as follows:

Two brothers take the Old Road, looking for hope/adventure/survival. While exploring an abandoned city, young Alex falls through the ruins and finds a powerful pair of gauntlets. Adorned with his new abilities, he heads out to find his now-missing brother. Another suitably bleak depiction of the post-apocalyptic future, complete with shadow monsters, giant mutants and the like. The first part of this book was a little confusing, as Alex bounced (or fell) (or flew) from one moment to the next, and – despite visions and flashbacks – the underlying motivation was never quite clear. Another one that reminds me of the MG/YA SF novels, like Heinlein’s ‘juveniles’, in which things quickly bounced from one adventurous set-piece to the next.

On a scale of, “The Next Tolkien” to “Total Hack who should never write again,” I think it falls somewhere around, “Eh…it’s fine.”

Which, believe it or not, I was still pretty excited about considering I’ve written two novels since and the one I’m currently working on is actually pretty good (I think).


Things are looking pretty bright for ole John Scritchfield…

I’m playing Reuben Soady in Escanaba in da Moonlight.


Please don’t compare me to Jeff Daniels, Michigan.

I’m writing a weird western starring a half-ork gunslinger named Thrak.


Like this guy but paler and with more guns… And no cape…Or flashy hat…Okay you get the point, I don’t have a perfect picture, okay?

And my boys are growing up way too fast.


Which isn’t really a great thing, but is a joy to watch.

And I’m reading this amazing book, The Kings of the Wyld, which you should all go out and buy right now. I’m planning on buying two more copies as gifts.



Anyway, folks…I hope you’re as pleased and content with life as I am.

-scritch out