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HollyWhat if?: Superman Starts

Greetings folks,

Only July 1, I brought you Hollywhat if?: Krull Wars. Hollywhat if? is where I speculate wildly about parallel universes where film history goes a little…differently. This universe exits… if only in my mind. I present you with…


All of this is predicated on one crucial decision by Bryan Singer.

In 2003, X-Men 2 was released to much success. It is still regarded by many as the best of the X-Men movies. I personally like DoFP and First Class better, but that’s just me.

In 2004, Singer was offered the opportunity to direct Superman Returns. He accepted. Because of this… we got, well, Superman Returns and X-Men 3: The Last Stand… directed by a man who has been called the “Anti-Christ of Comic Book Movies”… Brett Ratner.

In HWI? world 2004, Singer is offered the director’s chair but turns it down. Instead choosing to stay on for X-Men: The Dark Phoenix. 

dark phoenix cover

JJ Abrams talks himself out of director’s job and Superman Returns is never made. It suffers the same fate as Superman: Flyby.

Warner Brothers, sensing an opportunity, decides to go a different direction with Superman.

Fresh off of his 2002 success Memento, Christopher Nolan is approached about doing a Superman film. He considers it and turns it down, not wanting to get involved in a “superhero” movie. He reconsiders and accepts when he is given complete creative control to take a realistic approach to the superhero.

In 2005, instead of getting Batman Begins, HWI world gets Superman Origins. The film blows people’s minds with none other than [see below] wearing the S.

Bale Superman

Christian Bale beats out Henry Cavill for the role of Superman… and kills it.

It leads to a film in 2008 regarded by many as the greatest CBM of all-time..


Man of Steel kick starts a cbm revolution and inspires the DC cinematic universe.

Trying to jump on the success, Kevin Smith is asked to write and direct a Batman film.

He accepts, basing the script on The Dark Knight Returns. It is dubbed The Dark Knight.

It is released in 2011, in place of our Green Lantern.

And is starring… You might have guessed this.


Ben Afflek.
He does all right.

In 2012, The Man of Steel Rises is released and is based on the Death of Superman.

This alludes to the formation of the Justice League…

In 2013, Green Lantern is released starring…


Sam Worthington as Hal Jordan.

As well as The Flash... starring…


Ryan Gosling as Barry Allen. (Although in this universe his name is Bryan).

Christopher Nolan orchestrates The World’s Finest and Justice League of America in 2014.

Additionally instead of X-Men: First Class in 2011, they got Days of Future Past and in 2014 instead of DoFP, they got Apocalypse.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed my wild speculation…

-scritch out

Monday State of the Blog(ger) 7/7/14

What’s up, scritches?

So what a wonderful week it was last week.
Jacob, Brandy, and I went to a glorious Fourth of July party. It was a good time.

Brandy and I watched the original Star Wars trilogy after being inspired by the following video.

Finally picked up a few issues of Green Lantern I was missing…(still missing #31).

Jacob is almost crawling…and sleeping on his stomach…It drives me crazy.
Starts laying on his stomach and all of a sudden its a good time sleeping like that…
And there’s no stopping him now…

I’m almost finished with Count to a Trillion by John C. Wright. It has been excellent.

I’m also working on the forthcoming sequel to my so far unpublished novel The Shadow of Fate. currently being read by my dear friend over at Everything is Theology.

The novel is tentatively titled: The Shadow of Legacy.

We’ll see if it sticks.

Hope you’re all doing well…I should have another Hollywhat if? for you this week.

Just hang in there.

-scritch out


HOLLYWhat if?: Krull Wars

Greetings folks,

I’d like to bring you a new segment called…Hollywhat if? This is where I speculate wildly about parallel universes where film history goes a little…differently. This universe exits… if only in my mind. I present you with…

Hollywhat if? #1 – Krull Wars


So Krull (1983) is a pretty bad movie. So bad, its good. In our universe, there was a novelization and maybe a written sequel. I don’t think it’s really a “cult classic” but it’s one of those movies you watch in grim nostalgia for the simpler times of the 80’s. I’d love to say I thought it was decent, but I think Okay is more accurate. Had me right up until the convenient fire horses of convenient fire. It was also largely overshadowed by the much better movies of the day… like 1983’s Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi.

In the Hollywhat if? Universe, however, Star Wars IV: A New Hope never took off… It was a box-office flop…

And Krull in 1983 was a massive, MASSIVE, success spawning several sequels, video games, card games, and a tv series.

Krull 2: Krull Strikes Back is released in 1986 and is widely regarded as one of the greatest sequels of all time.

Krull 3: Return of the Kruli is released in 1989 and introduces to the world the Kruli. A race of super powerful alien race called the Kruli… A race of Krull’s.

10 years later in 1999, the first of a prequel trilogy is released chronicling the rise of the Kruli race.

The Phantom Menace is released in 99 and is critically panned.

The Krull Wars follows three years later.

Krull 6: Revenge of Krull is released 7 years later and is largely loved by children but hated by fans of the original trilogy… and yes… They call it Krull 6 in spite of the other two being prequels…and not numbered.

Because Star Wars IV never spawned sequels (but garnered a cult following), a television series debuts in 1997.



Star Wars: The Series effectively takes the place of the expanded Stargate Universe.

The events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi are played out over several seasons, and the prequel trilogy never comes to fruition.

Han Solo is played by…you may have seen this coming…

Richard Dean Anderson

Richard Dean Anderson

AND. AND. AND. AND. Luke Sywalker is played by…

Michael Shanks

Michael Shanks

The duo from our Stargate-SG1 lives on in the form of Star Wars: The Series.

So despite the abomination that would be Krull Wars…

We get an amalgamation of my beloved Stargate and Star Wars.

Also…It should be noted that because Stargate the film is never made into a television series, it is eventually rebooted in 2015 as a trilogy, which is regarded as one of the greatest sci-fi trilogies of all-time.


BONUS: Harrison Ford makes 4 Indiana Jones films still. However, there is a third film between Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade that deals with the Shroud of Turin. The Last Crusade is his final installment.

In 2008 instead of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, they got Blade Runner 2… directed by Ridley Scott.


Hope you enjoyed.

Next time, I’ll tell you about the universe where Bryan Singer directed X-Men 3, Superman Returns never happened, and Christopher Nolan didn’t direct Batman Begins.

-scritch out.